We are introducing the most advanced coating system for the home and industrial industry throughout all of Hawaii. We are able to coat just about every surface of your home, office or outdoor furnitures. Our coating allows your kitchens, bathrooms, shower glass, stainless steel appliances, outdoor grills and furniture to maintain and preserve its new look for years to come. Ceramic Pro home solutions gives your home added protection against spills, stains, corrosion, even harsh chemical cleaners become obsolete, in return keeping the air purity in  your homes fresh and clean. Keeping your home clean has never been so easy!

I love how easy cleaning my kitchen is, and how shiny it always looks.
— M. Carrig

Ceramic Pro 9h hardness also helps to prevent scratching, staining and etching on granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, kitchen and bathroom sinks. Once applied and fully cured our coating creates a slick sanitary surfaces which is Eco-friendly, hydrophobic and self cleaning;  allowing for simple easy maintenance.


Ceramic Pro Coated Homes